If perhaps you don’t see progress due to changes in your lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and physical activity, it is possible that you should consider a higher intake of some of these ‘super’ foods.

That is not some exotic and inaccessible food. It is well known food and should be given importance and try to your daily meals.

It’s great that all this food is very delicious.

Certain foods really deserve a constant promotion in the world of fitness and a healthy diet, especially if you need more energy or want to fit in smaller jeans.

Read and learn about these 12 foods and choose how and when to incorporate them in your meal.

Oat flakes – they provide you with energy, so you won’t fall to the ground before running out the planned laps, or you won’t be tempted to eat snacks between breakfast and lunch.


Raisins – consume this tasty food during longer workouts to give you extra energy, or use it like a brunch, alone or with above mentioned oat flakes.

Banana – efficient as sports drink because it is rich in potassium and contain complex carbohydrates, which release energy slowly in the human body.

Ginger – fight with dizziness and reduces muscle pain by 20%. It can be placed in water along with lemon, cucumber and mint to get healthy, refreshing drink for the ‘cleansing’ of the body and accelerate of metabolism.

Cherries – neutralize available radicals and thereby contribute to faster recovery from physical activity.

Turmeric – it gives curry yellow color and behaves like ibuprofen for pain in the joints.

Eggs – a rich source of amino acids leucine (such as the whey), help with recovery and muscle building, so it is good to consume after training.

Whey as a source of protein – primary choice of foods for solid abs and tone gluteus.

Salmon or tuna – proteins in these foods are forcing your muscles to strengthen.

Pistachios – with this food you won’t be thinking about hunger after a workout.

Beetroot – will help you achieve more with less effort during a workout, and we know the positive impact on the blood count. Turn the beetroot into shake.

Coconut oil – you can include it in your daily diet in so many ways, and its benefits are inevitable. Use cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, which can be bought in health food stores.

Isn’t that a cool and easy food to combine and consume? Always keep it at your home! Research has proven that it will make you more powerful, it speeds up your metabolism and burn fat – even reduces inflammation of muscles. Be prepared, strong, well fed and healthy!

is a health advocate, journalist and theologian. He is an outspoken internet activist who has contributed to many magazines and web sites. After years spent in digital marketing and online journalism he became one of the founders and editors at proven.cc. Combining knowledge and research with facts of modern science, Alexander continues to writes about alternative medicine and health benefits of nature. Unlike most writers he strongly believes that there's no magic pill that will lead you to long term health and beauty and that without effort, there can be no gain.