Losing weight is one of the most talked about subjects nowadays. Almost everyone is looking for a perfect plan that will help them solve their weight related problems. Some people try extreme diets and exercises, some even undergo surgery. Fortunately for us there are a lot of cheap and simple tricks and tips for weight loss that we can use.
It has been proven that consumption of certain beverages accelerates fat burning process and suppresses appetite.

Before you spend money on expensive cosmetic products, let us introduce you to this healthy lifestyle. Here we have 11 simple and practical tips that will help you in achieving your goals and maintain your desired weight and waist. Get slim fast, without some special strict diets.

Sleep longer

Researchers at the University of Michigan believe that when we replace sleep with some useless activities that usually involve unhealthy food snacks, and intake of unnecessary calories (for example watching late night TV), we are unconsciously gaining weight. By braking this habit we will reduce caloric intake by 6% and lose around 13 lbs per year, without any effort.

More vegetables, less pounds

Have three types of vegetables for dinner, instead of just one, and you will eat more of a healthy food that is richer in nutrients and low in calories. A higher intake of fruits and vegetables is a great and tasty way to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in dietary fiber and water, so you will quickly feel satiety. Cook vegetables without oil, only in water, and season it with lemon juice and herbs (instead of fat and calorie sauces).


Use a smaller plate

Instead of 12 inch plates, try to use a 10 inch plates and you will automatically eat less. Professor Brian Wansink of Cornell University discovered that people tend to take more food and therefore eat more when they use larger plates. These 2 inches will make a significant difference in calorie intake, namely it will make you eat 100-200 fewer calories on a daily basis, or to lose 10-20 lbs annually.

Consume plant foods

Studies show that vegetarians are up to 20% thinner than people who eat meat. The main reason for this are legumes (beans, soy, lentils…) that are rich in protein, and dietary fiber, which saturate faster, and contain fewer calories than meat.

Take breaks while you eat

Pay attention to the natural pause during the meal. In fact, most people during meals take a few minutes break. This is the moment when your body is telling you it is full, but not overloaded. Most people miss this moment, but be sure to “catch” it, and try not to continue eating. Put away the plate and enjoy the conversation with your friends or some other activities.

Eat slowly

Specify the eating time – set the clock at 20 minutes and slowly enjoy every bite. This is one of the easiest ways to eat less and lose weight. Eat in a relaxed atmosphere and chew well each bite. In this way you will enjoy the smaller portions. If you eat in a hurry, you will block the natural signals that your body sends you.

Eat soup regularly

Soup or chowder is ideal to start a meal, because it slows you down during meals and controls your appetite. Vegetable soup is the right choice, while creamy soups can have too much fat and calories.


Drink plenty of water

Most people know that water is an essential ingredient for the proper cell and organ functioning. It also helps in a weight loss process. If you want to lose weight effectively, you must reduce the daily calorie intake. One of the ways to consume smaller amounts of calories is to drink a full glass of water before each meal or snack. This method makes us feel full quickly and therefore we eat less. And not only that, if you drink water half an hour before a meal, it will speed up the digestion, but if you drink it after eating, digestion will be less efficient.

Apple cider vinegar

It helps control blood sugar levels and suppresses appetite. One study showed that respondents who drank a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with one glass of water prior to eating had lower blood glucose levels compared to respondents who didn’t consume this solution. People who are eager to test this method should drink one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water on a daily basis.

Green tea

Recent studies have shown that green tea consumption helps the body release fat and burn calories. Catechins, substances found in green tea, are responsible for these body reactions, and they also reduce inflammatory processes and body fat stocks. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center researchers’ recommendations, you should drink two to three cups of green tea a day.

Green smoothies

It is a magical combination of fruits and vegetables. The most commonly used vegetables are kale, spinach, cabbage and parsley. When it comes to fruits there is no “bad choice”, but the most common ones are green apples, bananas and strawberries. Green smoothie promotes weight loss because fruits and vegetables are full of high-quality water, vegetable fibers and vitamins. These ingredients revitalize the body, remove toxins and provide the body with a healthy energy. Daily consumption of these healthy drinks will greatly contribute to your goal to lose weight.

Green Smoothie

Weight loss does not have to be neither difficult nor expensive. Every individual should set realistic goals, try out the most convenient and suitable methods and then stick to them. Of course, any nutrition change should be followed by the appropriate physical activity, if we really want to lose weight permanently.

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